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Induction Brazing
Brazing is a method in which two or more like or unlike are joined together, with the help of heat and braze material. The braze material temperature should be lower than the parents materials. At the connection zone parents materials are heated up above the melting temperature of the braze material. There are many methods and heat source for brazing such as torches, furnaces, ovens, resistance heaters, induction heaters etc. out of these we provide you induction heater for brazing.
How, induction is better than other methods?
It is the very fast heating system, as compare to open flame or furnaces. Also transfer mare energy then other methods. So it is very energy efficient.
  • Brazed joint are very strong similar to welded joints. It is also a shock & vibration resistant and electrical conductive.
Our induction systems require very less space and reduce the main power.
It is controllable and repeatable. We get same results again and again with negligible deviations
It is ideal for inline integration
Open flames create uncomfortable atmosphere for the operator. As compare to this induction is neat and clean method for heating and not increase the ambient temperature of the atmosphere
We provide you a complete brazing solution and also guide you which filler, flux & atmosphere are best suited to your task. We also provide mobile and flexible solutions.
In which you braze the component at the working place. We are already provided many brazing solutions such as:-
Brazing carbide tips on drill bit
Brazing a diamond on cutting tools
Brazing the copper and iron T assemblies
Brazing rotor of submersible pumps
And many more . . . . . .
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